Investment profitability analysis

Before Out of Market proposes a real estate project, it must undergo a ca-reful analysis of the profitability of the investment. Our clients demand a rigid selection: this is why only the most solid, secure and profitable projects can be proposed. In this phase, project support involves several professionals: architects, engineers, CFOs, business and legal consultants that create a close-knit and skilled team.

Organization and presentation of the project

The organization and creation of the presentation material for the project are essential to guarantee the effectiveness of the rest of the process. Each Out of Market project must be characterized by a well-defined series of assessment criteria: from geographical position to accessibility, up to the services and the economic and financial details of the business plan. We foresee and present everything you need to know (or let people know), to avoid wasting time (and money).

Selection of potential interested parties

Showing the project to anyone and being the talk of the town? We don’t even think about it. We believe that business opportunities are built through hard work, out of the spotlight. This is why we carefully select the interested parties in investing or divesting: entrepreneurs, investors, institutions and funds, with whom we boast a serious relationship of trust and to whom we only present proposals in tune with their needs.

Support for negotiations

A step just as fundamental in Out of Market is negotiation support. To ma-ximize the chances of success and to guarantee the best satisfaction stan-dards for our partners we guarantee a sober but constant support to all players involved, working with ratio-nality and enthusiasm to find solutions to administrative problems and settle small natural tensions.